Wayne gained performance diplomas from Trinity College, London and the Royal College of Music. He then worked as double bassist and bass guitarist with The Central Band of the RAF for a number of years, a period which saw engagements with numerous orchestras, bands and jazz ensembles on a number of national and international tours. 

Wayne's professional conducting debut took place at St James, Piccadilly, London , with the Sinfonia Metropole, in a programme including works by Barber, Schoenberg and Stravinsky. 

Wayne then studied at Dartington College of Arts and the Universities of Exeter and Manchester. He studied composition with Christopher Best and Frank Denyer at Dartington, Philip Grange at Exeter and Kevin Malone at Manchester. 

After a short period of further freelance work following his studies, he took up post as Senior Lecturer in Music and Audio Art at the University of Central Lancashire. 

Wayne has had a very wide range of experience across a range of musical and interdisciplinary projects, including sound art, electro-acoustic and acousmatic works. He's keen to be involved in projects that are music, sound, sonic art, dance and performance art based, especially new, fresh and contemporary contexts. Wayne is  particularly interested in exploring art forms that blur the boundaries of existing genres. 

Wayne is an active member of IRCAM Forumnet. He has used the Max patches Omax and Spatialisateur extensively during live performances.

Wayne thrives under pressure; but then most musicians do.



A Small Selection of the Many Compositions Completed and Performed to Date:


MCMLXXXVI                                                 Electro-Acoustic Chamber Ensemble

juxtaposing                                                     Solo Tuba & Electro-Acoustic Chamber Ensembles

Angels                                                               Pit Orchestra

Three Snippets                                             Solo French Horn

Owed to Messiaen                                      Clarinets, Piano, & Le Creuset Cooking Pans

"...a talented maverick."                            Flute, 'Cello and Javanese Gamelan Gongs

Prelude to Nothing Whatsoever         Orchestra

Fanfare and Processional                       Brass, Organ & Percussion

loadsa money                                               Solo Tenor Voice

Oracle Sings                                                  Solo Soprano Voice

Alien in Arabia                                              Fretless Bass Guitar

Surfin'                                                              Mixed Ensemble & Installation

Jabberwocky                                                Mezzo Soprano & Chamber Orchestra

Pulse Colour                                                 Chamber Orchestra

Metamorphosis of Narcissus              Chamber Orchestra

A Very Loyal Opposition                         Mixed Ensemble, Drama & Installation

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